All Grown Up and Nothing to Eat is for any of the 40 million 18- to 30-year-olds willing to pick up a spatula. Though not everything they need to know about cooking, it is enough for them to whip up a number of great recipes, creating successful dining experiences with friends. And though Martha Stewart won't be crossing the meadow to join them for brunch, these culinary rookies will gain confidence in the kitchen and a more independent lifestyle. (No more longing stares into barren refrigerators!) All Grown Up is a great gift item for graduation at any level, holidays, birthdays or congratulations on a new job or promotion. It maintains a friendly and humorous voice, keeping you entertained while you cook. Buy it for yourself or for anyone who is all grown up with nothing to eat!


Subject: Adult, Pub. Date: 2000-11-30, Book Id: 120, ISBN: 978-0970155702, Print Size: 8.2x8.1, Print Length: 208, Category: Cookbooks

Jody Johnson

Jody Johnson is a 39-year-old guy on a cooking pilgrimage, a starving bachelor turned accomplished family cook. After 16 years in college administration and many happy hours in the kitchen, he understands the culinary skills of young cooks. He also knows how eating and entertaining affect their attitude and their quest for independence. a former college vice president, he now operates Talented Jack Enterprises, a small press and educational firm in Lawrence, Kansas.