Despite that women spend twenty minutes per day on average putting on makeup, our outward beauty is not what defines us! In this devotional, author Hannah Greer wants to walk with women as they discover Who and what truly defines them, giving new meaning to inner and outer beauty using the makeup analogy. She will answer the following essential questions along the way: -What do you, others, and most importantly, God, say about your Make Up? -What is your Godly Make Up, and how can you deepen that Make Up so that the young woman you were created to be shines God’s love to the world? -What does God say about you, and how can your Make Up support what God says about you?Girls, it’s time to put on our Godly Make Up and live out the lives God has called you to live. Do not be held back by the world’s definition of beauty—instead have confidence that you cannot be any more beautiful than you are when you are soaking in the Lord’s love.


Subject: Adult, Pub. Date: 2019-11-01, Book Id: 112, ISBN: 978-1700157447, Print Size: 6x9, Print Length: 43, Category: Faith

Hannah Greer